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About us

Next Stage Services was launched by Lisa Falkowsky and Zoe Agashae to address an unfilled need in our community to assist with residence transitions.

Both of us have witnessed friends and peers experiencing great stress while caring for their families and their aging parents. Often when juggling work, parenting, community pursuits and households, caring for parents becomes a source of additional stress in already-busy lives. This is compounded when parents live in another city.

We knew there was a gap in service providers when we heard their stories. We fill this missing role: an objective advisor, an information source, an organizer and executor of the tasks that need doing. We are not a moving company though we can arrange for movers as part of our service. We provide much broader support, and are happy to explore your family’s needs.

We look forward to providing the missing link in your family’s transition requirements. Contact us today  at 403-589-4044 for a no-obligation consult.

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