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Is it time for moving to a Seniors' community?

Are you feeling concerned about your parents' ability to care for themselves? Are you concerned for yourself? Check out this article from on when it might be time to consider a move.


11 signs it's time

Are you prepared? 

Cheryl Field has wise words for us all. "Prepare for Aging before sudden health change."


The book's mantra is "be your own B.I.T.C.H." This funny and provocative acronym is a portable guide for staying grounded in the moment of chaos: 

  • Be prepared for change

  • Inform yourself as a consumer

  • Take control of your own plan for care

  • Communicate and collaborate with your care team

  • Head back home 


Check out her book, available on Amazon*

Prepared!: A Healthcare Guide for Aging Adults

*not sponsored, we do not receive any funding either from this recommendation or subsequent purchases.

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